new directionPart time; that is the name of the game sometimes. To do so we must break out of the mold and take a part time job. It is not the end we are seeking maybe but, it is a place maybe to begin a new career path or if it’s temporary then a place to keep funds coming in till the right opportunity comes along. Realize that you have opportunities to advance and make this a time of growth and opportunity if you just apply yourself and show that you have what it takes. Sometimes a part time job is what is needed to survive for the next fight.

What is considered working part time?

Part time work usually is considered up to 32 hours. With the ‘Affordable Care Act’ more and more companies are taking part time work as a means of cutting costs so that many workers do not qualify for full time benefits which usually include health care, retirement, life insurance and some 401K benefits. It is all about the bottom line. As companies try to stay afloat they look to economize by reducing full time staff to part time. Some part time employers still give some benefits but that is less common than those who just provide a paycheck.

So if you are part time with a company and want to move into full time, how do you make the employer want to make you the offer for a full time position?

First, let them know but don’t dwell on it.

Volunteer whenever a chance opens to take on more time.

Ask if there are any opportunities to do special tasks or projects?

Ask yourself “Why would my employer choose me to move to full time?” It is a matter of their perception of you. Your value will make or break your opportunities including those related to advancement. It is the same with any job. You must make yourself valuable to their operation.

How do you raise your value? Quite simply put you must make yourself indispensible! Work Ethic is the key!

How does one become valuable to the point of being indispensible? First, you need to put everything in your life into perspective. Your job is not your life but a means to a good life or what you want out of it. It does not define you but it reflects you. Your work ethic will define your value. Work ethic begins in your day to day lifestyle and work style. How would you rate yourself on a self evaluation of these qualities?

Personal habits: Are you neat, organized, mindful of others and orderly?

Are you on time; do you get things done in a timely manner?

Do your habits reflect positively on your value? Do others have to carry your weight?

Productivity: Are you one who leaves a trail of where you have been because you don’t complete tasks… is your good enough… really good enough?

Do you need constant reminders of your tasks? Do you continually need course correction?

Is your work product good or just passing? If it were art, would you sign it for all to see that you did it?

Do you have to be asked to do something or do you do it because you know it needs to be done?

Attitude: How do your co-workers see you? How do you see them?

How do you spend your down moments? Are you getting ready for the next task and getting real rest or are you having a social hour with co-workers?

Are you a grumbler? Do you let everyone know your dissatisfaction with your position, money, standing, or future? Do you speak down or up? If you speak down then it will be seen as a negative whereas speaking up is a positive.

Do you encourage others or do you need continual encouragement?

Do you keep your personal life and lifestyle out of the workplace?

Trustworthiness: Are you trustworthy?

Are you one who is not only honest with those things that are tangible but with the intangible things like when your boss is gone, can he or she ‘trust’ in your judgment?

Can they rely on you to do a complete and responsible job when no one is looking?

Willingness: Are you willing to take on more?

Are you willing to do special projects or do overtime?

Are you willing to go beyond the norm to get your work done?

Do you show that you are willing to grow?

Are you willing to take on more responsibility?

Are you willing to step up even when you are not asked?

Personal habits; Productivity; Attitude; Trustworthiness: Willingness-

These are the main drivers of what makes you valuable. If you are cheerful and encouraging, helpful and considerate of those around you, co-workers, management and customers it will make your stock rise.

These four characteristics will help you no matter where you are, full or part time. If you are part time and want to move ahead then course correct yourself if you find yourself lacking. If you are already full time and want to move ahead, these are the drivers that will move you or bring you to a stop. It is what separates you from the rest of the pack. These are the qualities of leadership as well.

[Remember the lead dog rule! “If you are not the lead dog on the sled, the view never changes!”]

When you excel at these things then you won’t have to ask. They will want your service because, if your personal habits are good, and your productivity is good and your attitude is positive and they trust you to do the right thing, and you are willing to do what it takes to do the job, then they cannot ask for more and they will court you to be their choice. You will become as the advertisement says… “Priceless”! And remember that if you are not hitting on all of these that your only hurting yourself and your potential. You will only get out of something, what you put in or ‘invest’ in it.

A word of caution

When you do get a full time position, don’t even think of slacking up. Remember even the best of competitors have to work to stay up on their game. All too often employees feel that just because they got ahead that it will be a foregone conclusion that it will keep them there, and are just fooling themselves. When you are in the job market you cannot afford to relax in your comfort zone.

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