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Resumes: Synopsis vs Full Format

How to write a resumeWhat does the current market do to select candidates from the thousands of resumes that come in when a job is posted? How do they get past the masses of resumes that come in with all of those qualified versus those who bring little to the table? Believe me, they do not read them. In fact they barely scan them visually. So much that the average national time that a resume is scanned visually is merely ‘seven seconds’. If they don’t see what it is that they are seeking in that glimpse, then you are likely destined to the low circular file, not even getting a note of thanks or no thanks.
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Tips for using top search employment engines-part two

sitting on top of the worldLike a football team that has trained for a big game, you have an idea what the plan is because your coach, the ‘search engine’ can guide you, but in the end it comes down to your own ability to call and make the plays in order to put points on the board. Now you have to work to establish your plan to win the game.

Plan your work and work your plan

This is sound advice when you are seeking a job, seeking a career if you are beginning a career or just trying to find your niche in life. Working and developing a plan entails establishing a point on the horizon as your destination. Planning takes into consideration your interests and what motivates you and gives you satisfaction. Every step should include those two elements. If your career offers neither of those thoughts then you will be unhappy and forever searching for an answer. You must have a plan to get to that goal or destination. That plan would be education, training, establishing contacts in that industry and keeping up with what the industry demands. Work it!
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Interview tips: The Preparation

briefcaseThe interview; you finally got a call back and now you are preparing to make your case and to show your potential to a perspective employer. You know that you are one of several being considered, so how do you get an edge? What will make or break your chances with the interviewer? Well there are some basics that you need to take with you as you make the final preparations.

Interview Preparation-First impressions matter

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Online Job Search Engines

searching the netDefining what a job search engine does is the first step regarding getting the most of the search engine experience. Who they are and how to decipher what they do is a great way to begin your job search. You may know them but a remote control that does many things if you don’t understand what it is programmed to do then it is an effort of futility to just push the buttons that you are familiar with.
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Placement Services

Here is some food for thought. Many times there are positions that are directed by and through placement services. These benefit businesses just in sheer volume of clearing the mountain of applicants that apply for a position. This provides anonymity for an employer and they can just concentrate on the cream that rises as the service sifts them out. There is a cost for their services and you would be well advised to read the contract that you sign well before signing on the dotted line. Sometimes the fees fall back to the applicant if it does not work out. The rule is know what the role of the placement service is and what the cost is or may become.
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If you are 55 and over the prospect of entering a depressed job market can seem to be a lost cause. A good resume will get you an interview but an attitude or the appearance of an attitude can be a crippling handicap. This is one though that we can control if we listen to ourselves and see what we bring to the eyes of a perspective employer. You have experience but an attitude will be a game changer. So here is some advice.
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Working a part time job: It is what it ‘can’ be!

new directionPart time; that is the name of the game sometimes. To do so we must break out of the mold and take a part time job. It is not the end we are seeking maybe but, it is a place maybe to begin a new career path or if it’s temporary then a place to keep funds coming in till the right opportunity comes along. Realize that you have opportunities to advance and make this a time of growth and opportunity if you just apply yourself and show that you have what it takes. Sometimes a part time job is what is needed to survive for the next fight.
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Searching for your career or job

directionsWhat do I want to do with my life? Many like my son were born for a specific career and that is wonderful. Many however can’t seem to find a path in all of this or maybe your train got derailed and the prospects for the original course are not as distinct as they once were and a course correction was required to get back on a solid track. Sometimes we must make an assessment or self evaluation to see what it is that will motivate us and this will move us to a new career path.
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Job Interview Tests and Assessments

testing / assessmentOh my gosh! A test; you didn’t say there would be a test. This is a growing trend in the hiring process. These are designed to see how well you fit the mold that they are trying to fill. Let’s look at two of those tests and assessments that are common to employee screening. It is best to be prepared for the possibility of such a requirement during a job interview so not to be caught off guard or be intimidated by the prospect.
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Using Business Social Networking Sites and Other Means

Social NetworkingToday’s job market requires interaction and other venues to enhance your personal profile. Competition is keen and in order to compete you must be skilled in the use of those tools that are there at your disposal. Like a carpenter, you must have tools to do a specific task. You cannot substitute a hammer for a screwdriver, or a saw for pliers and you must know how to use those tools or where to turn to find out how. For answers you must have a source or reference to turn to, like going to a hardware store where there are experts in that field..Business Social Networking Sites are those stores where the experts can be found.
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