Satisfied People


Here are some of our happy, thankful and most importantly — employed clients

I'm very pleased with my resume and service I received. Scott is excellent at putting information together with what employers want and need to see. I received an interview and job offer within a month of submitting my new resume. Thank you Scott.

Brian M, Charlotte, NC

Thanks again for setting up my LinkedIn acct and upgrading my resume. ....All thanks to you. I have been on about 5 interviews since you updated my resume and LinkedIn profile. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback. Jobs that I have applied for in the past are now reaching out to me when I apply with the new resume. I can’t thank you enough.

Fernando P., Charlotte, NC

I am very pleased with the Product that Scott put together for me. There is no way I could have made myself look that good. Thank You so much Scott! It was very much appreciated.

Chris S, Kansas City MO

Scott developed my Linked In profile and as a result I got contacted by a company who could not find the candidate that they wanted in their state and sought people in my area. My Linked In profile paid off! The recruiter did a comprehensive search based on 'key words' which were strategically placed by Scott. My resume repeatedly appeared on the Query per the recruiter. No efforts on my behalf, the recruiter sought me! It was so easy and simple!

Marty A. Huntersville, NC

Bites are good…more than I have had in a long time…& the new resume structure I do believe is the reason I’m attracting them! Hats off….

Mark D. , Charlotte, NC

I have had the opportunity to utilize Scott's services for the purpose of acquiring a resume to be used for gaining employment. I found the resume professionally concise and a great way to open the door to future employers. I have also had the opportunity to recommend his services to others. They have also returned to me with thanks for the recommendation.

Leslie W., Belmont, NC

After losing my job a few years ago, I asked Scott if he could revamp my resume so that it would be up to date and more professional in appearance.

What I received from him was a much more concise, polished, professional resume that had been reduced to one sheet of paper rather than the longer, less attractive 2 page item that I had handed to him.

Within a short time, I was back at work with a wonderful company, having used the resume that he had prepared for me. Thank you!

Lisa H., Charlotte, NC

Dear Lord in Heaven, Thank you for Scott and his wisdom that he got from you, Lord to help me condense my resume making it precise and focused to my needs in the health field. You have really gifted him. I have been using that resume for over a year. I would recommend Scott’s services as you send people my way. Amen!

Madelyn B., Waxhaw, NC

Your individual approach to resume writing is professional and effective! Working with you was a wonderful experience. It is my pleasure to recommend you to anyone needing the highest quality of resume writing services. THANK YOU!

Jessica W., Charlotte, NC

As a recent college graduate, Scott Parker’s work on my resume was invaluable. Working through high school and finally college it was ever frustrating to apply for work and sort through the many side and part-time jobs I had held. With Scott’s assistance, all my past experience and skills were then compiled, creating a clean and presentable resume to show potential employers, of whom many have been impressed. As a new college grad, I am now employed full-time.

Rebekah W., Gastonia, NC

Scott's help in writing my resume was invaluable. He helped me to 'craft' it in such a way as to be concise and professional, ready to be presented to a prospective employer. He brought up points that would have never occurred to me. His insight helped me to create resume that is effective and of high quality. Thank you for your help.

Donald S., Charlotte, NC

Scott’s work not only magnified and enhanced my resume, but his caring and guidance through his expertise and coaching excelled my opportunities.

Martin A., Charlotte, NC

Thank you very much for all the work you did on my resume and synopsis. The style I was taught, and always used, was outdated, so your offer to help was very much appreciated. This resume was professional and to the point, exactly what prospective employers want to see. Thanks again Scott!

Pat D., Gastonia, NC

I am greatly indebted to Scott Parker. I had no resume because my work history was a chaotic mess of extremely diverse details, scattered across several different industries and over more than a quarter-century. Then Scott helped me gather those details together and present them in an organized fashion --- and I was very happily shocked to see that the end result was a professional resume which I was not only proud of, but which also got me a job. Thanks so much, Scott!

Andrew S., Charlotte, NC

Scott, did an excellent job specifically in helping me "Trim the fat" in my resume and making it more concise, and easier to read. That resume helped me land a Job at the Charlotte Airport .
In this day and age of so many applications being filed to employers I would highly recommend Scott Parker's expertise strong ‘wordsmithing’ and attention to detail to get your resume or cover letter to the front of the stack!

Dave C., Charlotte, NC

You managed to consolidate my resume so that it would all fit on one page, and yet it still has the key information that I want my prospective employers to know. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to any of my business colleagues.

Catherine S., Charlotte, NC

My resume was edited into a concise and energetic summary that I have effectively shared with CEOs, managers and business owners. It delivered the same information that I initially had but in a much more dynamic way.

Elena V., Nashville, TN

Scott was a profound help to me when I needed to update my resume for today’s job market. He helped me take my outdated, 3 page resume and refine it to a sleek 1 page document that was easy to read, and highlighted my experience and education. It made it very easy for a prospective employer to see my qualifications at a glance, and helped me stand out from other applicants. Many thanks.

Mary M., Charlotte, NC

Scott did a resume for me when I first came to Charlotte, NC. He was eager to and to help. That's Scott. He puts great attention into helping.

Ron B., Charlotte, NC