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If you just really need an income – Now!

When you think, a survival job, you think of despair and useless time doing something to pass the time. Yes and no to that idea. If you have responsibilities to attend to, then it becomes more than important to use the skills and abilities you have to do whatever it takes to get by until the pendulum swings the other way, and it will swing the other way. Having endured the long cold years of the last great recession in the late 1970’s, there were times when you could not buy a job; having responsibility forced me to do what was necessary, honestly, to bring in money and food to my family. It was not my choice but my duty to do what I could; painting small jobs, cleaning up stockrooms, carrying groceries to cars for tips. The cold, hard facts are that everyone gets dealt a challenge now and then. The old adage is that the “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It may require dropping down of your qualifications to get something to ‘get by’, that is ok…we can make two resumes for such an accommodation. We want you to have every advantage in your search.