How to write a resumeWhat does the current market do to select candidates from the thousands of resumes that come in when a job is posted? How do they get past the masses of resumes that come in with all of those qualified versus those who bring little to the table? Believe me, they do not read them. In fact they barely scan them visually. So much that the average national time that a resume is scanned visually is merely ‘seven seconds’. If they don’t see what it is that they are seeking in that glimpse, then you are likely destined to the low circular file, not even getting a note of thanks or no thanks.

What impacts someone enough to pick your resume out of all those others? There is a reason. It is called the ‘keyword edge’.

Keyword edge is what will give you the higher road and an edge over the competition. It is the ‘leg-up’ that you hear of. is set up to give you the edge and get you in for an interview. The resume is designed to be Spartan and concise and to the point. It is filled with keywords that job providers are seeking to match with their needs. Your fully formatted resume is great to take in on a walk-in basis but the key to an interview lies in the meat on the bone that is lean and to the point.

Let me tailor a resume that will get you the interview!

A resume synopsis gives enough about you to open a door and get you over the competition. Resumes are kept on file and tweaked as needed and necessary to give impetus and direction so that you can catch the attention of the perspective employer without telling all about yourself.. just enough to ‘bait the hook’ so to speak. If you give up too much there will be no reason to allow you to come in personally and sell yourself.

Do a little legwork on your own!

Look at jobs that you like.. What are they asking for regarding experience? What do they want in education? What about job skills? What about your duties? How about your accomplishments? Look at what is required and see what you can bring that fits and what those keywords are that are applicable in your history or training or education. Gather those words and bring them to the table. Bring them with you and lets work up a plan of action and design the resume that conveys what you can bring to the table.

Is there a time and a place for a full resume?

Yes, when you walk into an interview, you should have a copy of a full resume with you. If you apply for a position with a firm that has not advertised and you wish just to provide a resume for the sake of letting them know you wish to be considered at a future date, you can provide a full resume understanding that unless you have the full attention of the HR person or recruiter you stand to hit the ‘round file’. Personal introductions or references by someone in a firm can utilize either. Preferably the meaty synopsis style is most appropriate but you can submit the full for their perusal.

I look forward to working with you!

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