Why use an SSS Resume?

We get results!  Nothing is more frustrating that sending out resumes and not getting any interviews.

We offer an effective professional resume that is keyword based and geared to get attention when you use it to apply for a position. We keep it short and to the point

  • Complete yet concise
  • Targeted with the job titles and keywords specifically for your needs.
  • Free evaluation
  • In-depth keyword analysis
  • In-depth job title analysis

Our clients report that most of the time they get hits as soon as they try our product. We have many success stories and testimonials that verify that our product is effective.

  • We are fast and usually have out first drafts within hours.
  • We are affordable– You will find that we earn your money and earn your trust and stand by you while you are looking for work.
  • We are committed. We maintain our relationship after the resume is completed.
  • We bring value, integrity and pride in every resume we write!

Scott’s help in writing my resume was invaluable. He helped me to ‘craft’ it in such a way as to be concise and professional, ready to be presented to a prospective employer. He brought up points that would have never occured to me. His insight helped me to create a resume that is effective and of high quality. Thank you for your help.Donald S., Charlotte, NC