Professional Branded Resume

It can be very difficult to set yourself apart from other professionals. Competing for professional career positions requires finding ways to get noticed and that’s not easy.

But if you had a resume that:

  • Stood out in appearance
  • Was clear and concise in its visible content
  • Had all the technical jargon, skills, certifications, job titles, and specific terms (or keywords) necessary for Applicant Tracking Systems


Resume Sample

You resume could “pop up”up when searching their databases of previously uploaded resumes.

  •   and had Would You Like a Professional Branded Resume with Clear, Precise and Optimized Information Including Hidden Job Specific Keywords?

Let your Resume get instant attention by its branded appearance plus have it searchable so that when companies search using keywords your resume will pop up many times more often because of all the common hidden keywords found in your resume.


Scott developed my LinkedIn profile and as a result I got contacted by a company who could not find the candidate that they wanted in their state and sought people in my area. My LinkedIn profile paid off! The recruiter did a comprehensive search based on ‘key words’ which were strategically placed by Scott. My resume repeatedly appeared on the Query per the recruiter. No efforts on my behalf, the recruiter sought me! It was so easy and simple!Marty A., Huntersville, NC