Here is some food for thought. Many times there are positions that are directed by and through placement services. These benefit businesses just in sheer volume of clearing the mountain of applicants that apply for a position. This provides anonymity for an employer and they can just concentrate on the cream that rises as the service sifts them out. There is a cost for their services and you would be well advised to read the contract that you sign well before signing on the dotted line. Sometimes the fees fall back to the applicant if it does not work out. The rule is know what the role of the placement service is and what the cost is or may become.

Employment Agencies- Full Placement

Most of the people that are seeking a career at some point will consider the help of a professional placement agency, employment agency or staffing agency. Usually there is a contractual agreement when you accept the services of the full placement agency.

Employment Agencies take on clients. There are two minds of thought here. One is the agency that has a client base of corporations that seek people to fill their positions. Two is the agency that has a client base of individuals that they market. These employment agencies are referred to sometimes as ‘head hunters’.

In the first situation, the company lets the agency know it has a need. The agency would then advertise the position. There is usually a fee for this that may or may not be absorbed by the employer. If not then you are on the hook for the fee. The way that it works is that the more technical or higher experience or responsibility level the more likely it is that the employer will take on the fee issue. The less experience that you bring to the table or the more common the job the less likely an employer would be to take the fee. Then again there is an ace in the hole actually. That is that many companies do not wish to advertise that they are seeking an employee so they get the agency to run the advertisement. The agency then in turn reviews the responses which are usually in the hundreds finally getting the persons screened and pre-interviewed for the company so as not to have to tie up the HR person with potential applicants. They only get the most qualified.

The second situation presents that you go to the agency and they interview you and find out your skills and then market you to potential companies. They then make the arrangement for you to meet with the potential company. Essentially they are marketing you to known clientele that have dealt with them in the past and are delighted to get their referrals.

Many of these agencies will line up potential interviewees, getting applications filled out, background checks, drug checks etcetera that the employer sets up as a prerequisite to the interview process. This streamlines the process and enables the employer to concentrate on the actual interview of qualified candidates.

Temporary to Permanent Employment Agencies

Many companies now have found that the use of a temp to perm company has advantages that make the cost of doing business with them worthwhile.

Agencies that work to find temporary employees to fill positions that potentially will become permanent positions, are becoming the way of the future. Employers find that they can get to see an employee who has been screened and goes through the process, and is hired, and it allows them to see how the employee fits into their needs. It gives them a look at the employee’s behavior, skills, and ethic. It gives them a chance to expedite an exceptional employee or weed out potential misfit workers who don’t fit their needs or their mold. While you are working for that agency they are getting paid their finder fees and an hourly wage by the employer, which goes to pay you.

Likewise, a potential employee then can come to an employer, and work there, getting an idea if they want to remain or if it is not what they prefer to do.

Many temp agencies just do temp work, drawing an agreed upon amount from an employer for the temporary help that the agency provides for a term defined position. Sometimes it is seasonal and they have folks just trying to hold out for other work while bringing in a paycheck.

Many temporary agencies specialize in day labor. This is for unskilled work that will get a quick turnaround, in and out while drawing a paycheck. It is a true survivor job. You just show up and when someone comes in for help you jump at it.

The benefit of a temp to perm job is that when an employer likes what he sees, he is more likely to hire you on a permanent basis.


These are the fishermen of the companies that are seeking potential for the future of their companies. They can provide you with ideas about career advice and how you would fit with them and their vision.

Recruiters show up at job fairs and usually have generic details about specific companies. Large corporations with full HR departments will have recruiters on staff and many times if you are seeking a potential position that is not advertised but is in the realm of what the company does, you may wish to reach out to the employer and see if they have a recruiter on staff. If not you can always rely on reaching out to the HR person.

When using networking sites many times you can pull up a company and see if they have a recruiter on staff. On you can pull up a specific company and get their profile and look and see if any of the folks that are designated visibly as a recruiter.

Sometimes it takes a phone call to HR. Sometimes there are city directories that are available in public libraries that list corporations and break down departments. Many times you can just inquire online. There are also career centers at the local chamber of commerce that have directories that are full of area businesses along with all of their corporate heads, HR people, and also just plain agencies that work in placement. They keep a list of those who conduct their business with great ethics and then there are those who do not.

One more source is the Better Business Bureau. They have listings of corporations and may also have details of who the hiring manager is of many of their clients.

Rule of thumb is…

If you want to you can market yourself. If you do not want to market yourself, then you can find someone who will market you. Nothing takes the place of doing your homework to find what is out there.

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