outdated skillsHow do you overcome negatives such as out of date job skills or a spotted work history? These things may seem daunting but there are several things that you can do to turn this around. Although technical skills may be hard to keep up with, there are some transferable skills for many jobs that are extremely important as well. So how do you overcome some of these negatives? Well here are some thoughts on this.

Overcoming the odds-dealing with outdated, outmoded or outsourced skills in a career

At one time the industry to be in was making LP recordings.. most people don’t know what a record player is. At one time there were industries that hired hundreds. Then came the 8 track cassette; then the cassette; then the CD; now there are IPods that make all else obsolete, including the people who made all of the other stuff.

So what do you do when all you know has been put in mothballs? How do you move on? Can an old dog learn new tricks? It all depends on you and your mindset!

It seems like an impossible task but first is to get your mindset right. You cannot undo what has been done. The only thing I remember from Latin in high school was a saying of Julius Ceasar who when he crossed the Rubicon river decried “the dice are cast, the step is taken’.. this literally meant he had passed the point of no return. It is a mindset and you will stand and accept defeat or you will press forward and say I am moving forward with my life.

Technology never goes backward.

Are you going to be like grandpa and just sit and wait for the horse to make a comeback? Do you really think that someone will rekindle the old desire to have 33 1/3 rpm vinyl again? Or the ever so convenient eight track tape? If your answer is negative then listen to this. You are beyond all help dear friend. These things will not come back as a lifestyle. Now is the time to embrace change. Technology is changing daily. You can figure it out with a little training and some real honest effort. There are plenty of ways to address change. But your mindset is what will motivate you to take initiative and change your circumstances.

Real job skill sets cannot be taken from you!

That is real experience and ability that comprises any skill set. The dexterity and mindset that moves you will have benefit somewhere. Regardless of what you did for a living there were skills that you possess. There were tasks that you performed. There were responsibilities that were entrusted to you. Many of us just don’t think in those terms. These are key in developing a new pathway. OK so they don’t make vinyl anymore and furthermore the future looks pretty bleak for that market. But you can take those things I mentioned that you did do and look for things that closely mimic what you did. It may not be a perfect fit but in this case, if it’s close it fits.

OK, what if you are not physically able to do what you did anymore. You can still find similar things that are close to you or your heart that you can put your hand on, things that give you joy.

A good resume will take those common skills from those outdated fields that still require those skills.

Poor choices: Overcoming negatives about your employment history.

How about a not so savory employment history or life history on a resume? What about the guy who could never find a home? Had more jobs than birthdays? Had wanderlust or maybe a criminal history? What do you do if this is your lot?

Spotted history happens a lot. It can be a handicap. Unstable work history due to bad choices, or bad behavior, medical issues, mental health issues, physical issues and even conditions that have happened from work related injuries or military injuries.

This can be the hardest placement to do and one of the hardest resumes to write. You have to be totally honest in today’s world. Information can be found about you anywhere at any time. Trying to lie and cover up will only lead to losing any chance you have.

Persons who have criminal histories have the hardest hill to climb. Yet there are employers who will give a person a chance.

It comes down to a matter of personal choice as to whether you are willing to work hard to start over again or not.

I am adding these personal words of encouragement:

To those of you who feel that you have no hope and that you have no future because of your past. This message is for you. I was privileged to have been part of the very first work release program in the state of North Carolina. My days sometimes were depressing but each time someone came in and had found a job or turned their life around, I was encouraged to keep pushing on. I also had an opportunity to work with people with addictions and disorders that are hard to beat. But I saw success; not many but there were those who were determined to beat the odds. It can be a hard road but it can be done with determination. You cannot do it alone however, it takes your commitment to something that you value more than yourself in this life and a personal commitment to a higher power. Real men and women seek help and a relationship with one who never fails you. For me it was Jesus Christ. That is my hope and salvation. You must believe in something greater than yourself.

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