searching the netDefining what a job search engine does is the first step regarding getting the most of the search engine experience. Who they are and how to decipher what they do is a great way to begin your job search. You may know them but a remote control that does many things if you don’t understand what it is programmed to do then it is an effort of futility to just push the buttons that you are familiar with.

Links to commonly used job search engines:;; Simply Hired; Career Builder; The Ladders; Dice;

Job search engines are your vehicle to where you want to go but right at your fingertips.

These are engines, or ways and means of getting to, navigating toward a destination, in this case a job. Job search engines link the user to advertised jobs from all venues, companies, businesses and agencies to a place where you can search by name, keyword, location, distance, company or many other means of search.

The search engine is the central means for bringing a company’s needs to the job seeker when you need a job.

-Job search engines bring companies with jobs to a site that may or may not specialize in a specific job type, style, field; then again they may be specialized for highly specialized, specific skills or technical fields or types of work. [i.e.- professional, agricultural, manufacturing, assembly, etc.] It also gives one an opportunity to see what a job consists of, its demands of skills, education, training, etc. when you are asking, “how do you find a career”.

Job search engines are treasure troves of information:

When I am asked to ‘help me find a job’ or someone asks me, ‘how do I find a job?’ or ‘where can I find a job?’, I simply ask them “Do you know what you want to do?” and “Have you researched what jobs require to get a foot in the door?”

How about when you have a degree but no experience, often referred to by a book of the same name..”Catch 22” situation or simply put, “How can you get a job and how can I get the experience that you require if no one will hire me to get that experience?”

Most of the time you can find work in entry level positions that are tied into the career field that you are seeking. Sometimes you can interchange related work experience for requirements of similar skills that you may have. There are other means of getting experience from entering at a lower level in a related field or volunteering or serving an internship in a business that accesses that field. [Say like working in Human Resources, HR as it is referred to. It is a great field but very hard to break in to]

Cost is a primary consideration when you are doing a job search and not working.

-Many job search engines are free and wide open when it comes to the types of employment that they present; Many deal with specialized or high end jobs and have a cost associated with their services; Many require subscriptions to participate.

Efficacy is only as good as the user and if you maximize your vision.

-Job search engines are effective if used to their best advantage. Finding one that works for you is advantageous. Having multiple options and sites is even better. Becoming familiar with the capabilities of a site is to your advantage and will be a great benefit. Effectiveness depends on if the user is knowledgeable about using all of the tools that each site provides. Sometimes it is merely a lead, a hint of what a company may have that is not mentioned but is in their wheelhouse to consider. In other words they may have what you want but it may not be open at the moment but you should make yourself known for when it is available.

Use your creative thinking skills as a tool to think out of the box.

Search-Newspapers; signs on businesses; signs outside of buildings; many places have brochures that solicit for careers and jobs for companies; flyers for temporary work and seasonal work; Online “help wanted” ads from area newspapers; bulletin boards; Penny-Saver ads; networking with friends and having them keeping an eye out for you as well. Governmental websites and institutions and county and city agencies all provide career opportunities.

I am on the lookout for potential jobs everywhere I go because it is what I do. Help folks find work. Where do I find potential and sometimes unknown jobs? Well as a former officer of the law, I became very attentive to things around me. I like driving around my town, looking at new businesses, new neighborhoods, factories that are thriving with many employee cars. As a matter of fact I look for the obvious as well. As I drive around I see factories and businesses with “now hiring’ signs in the window. If they have a business name, I write it down, likewise a number. I will call and ask if what they are seeking. You must look for the job.. it will not look for you.

How often have you gone to eat at a chain restaurant or a bar. They have signs all over advertising “Career Opportunities”. You just have to think a little out of the box. I go to an automobile repair shop that is national. I have developed a relationship with the man who manages that shop. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for him as he does for me. I send him people that he knows will fit his needs. Constantly remind yourself that this world moves on recommendations from folks who know you and what you are able, capable or field of expertise. This is the greatest engine of all, networking.

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