Social NetworkingToday’s job market requires interaction and other venues to enhance your personal profile. Competition is keen and in order to compete you must be skilled in the use of those tools that are there at your disposal. Like a carpenter, you must have tools to do a specific task. You cannot substitute a hammer for a screwdriver, or a saw for pliers and you must know how to use those tools or where to turn to find out how. For answers you must have a source or reference to turn to, like going to a hardware store where there are experts in that field..Business Social Networking Sites are those stores where the experts can be found.

Business ‘Social Networking Sites’ are essential for communication and contact making that many use to find their next opportunity.

This is a website that presents a common place to develop one’s own profile while interacting with other professionals and companies. It is a tool to find ones former alumni and co-workers or folks who are actually like you looking to advance. It is a useful site to harvest information on other aspects of a job search: references, former associates, groups that specialize in specific fields. You can use these sites to your advantage to find connections through networking to search and connect and boost your career. Here are two common websites to use and instructions from that can help you work through

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Tips on how to use Linkedin-

A CV or resume together on one site are great tools.

Curriculum Vitae or CV sites are sites where you build your profile, resume and curriculum vitae so that you can refer others to it. Most provide a URL address that you can put on a resume or on your linked sites. Most offer insight to powerful curriculum vitae building and cover letters for job searches for new college grads. Remember that many jobs will need your CV but may not want them until you come in for a face to face interview. Most will react to an online application or to a standard resume or synopsis of resume. Usually the CV is hand carried to an interview. Many times it is a requirement when dealing with recruiters for large companies or technical companies that want new grads and offer entry positions.


Your college provides leads to match graduates with recruiters or career opportunities.

Collegiate connections are on campus offices that provide guidance for graduates or those planning on graduation in the near future. Most have counselors who are there to offer you guidance for known entities that reach out to the college for potential new hires.

Professional groups and associations provide a vehicle to your career.

No one knows ‘the market’ better than those in ‘that market’. Shop where those who like what you like shop. Simple matter of being surrounded by like minded groups or kindred persons who are established in those fields, in short, ‘an association’.

Many professional groups, associations, organizations, bodies or societies are those that are founded in a specific profession or group of individuals who are mutually engaged in that specific field or profession. They group common professionals together to discuss and network ideas and establish control and oversight in many cases. It is a pool to reach to in order to find others that share your common career or profession. Some are tied in to local chamber of commerce’s in your area. Many require membership. does offer an easy way to tie into many related groups and associations without a lot of fuss. However, if you wish more specific or detailed links you may want to try these.


Job fairs: They still matter

A quick check on the internet for your location or surrounding locations will net you local Job Fairs and those who are conducting them.

Most of the time job fairs are put on very frequently by local colleges and chamber of commerce agencies in local areas. They are called by names like ‘career fair’, ‘work fair’ or just ‘job fair’ and it is a place for multiple perspective employers to send recruiters who can discuss job opportunities with you on a face to face basis. Usually the recruiters will have information to hand out about job opportunities and about career opportunities, including corporate details and will take your resume on the spot. It is a one-stop place to shop sometimes for who does what and some perspective on places you might entertain that you were not familiar with. You can find current job fairs online for the most part and many times in local papers, college campuses, but mainly you will find them online. has some wonderful tips.


NPO’s [Non-Profit Organizations], Charities and Civic Organizations

These are great sources to look for those jobs that require personal services and a desire to work with people within the community and many have paid staff and career positions.

Civic organizations are usually philanthropic or benevolent organizations within a community. The members all are dedicated to like goals and services in a given area. Civic organizations sometimes have paid positions within their structures but mainly are driven by volunteers. They hold fundraisers and are usually formed by some charitable giving or donations in kind. Salvation Army has many volunteers but they also have regular positions that offer some careers that do not necessarily require bell ringing on a corner with a red Santa hat during the holidays. Civic minded persons can find lasting careers with many of these organizations that require full time help, such as the American Red Cross. These are fine places to serve your community, work with others and network with others who share your passion while doing your hearts work for a specific cause.

Governmental, Non-Governmental [NGO] and Civic and Institutional Websites

GOVCO is thriving and a source for day to day operations that require many of the skills that range from professional, administrative, skilled and non-skilled workers. It takes a village and it takes employees to handle the needs of the community.

In this day and age of big government, more and more positions are burgeoning out of necessity. City, county, state and federal agencies all have all sorts of job opportunities. There are websites for each agency and there are many positions within agencies. For instance, I live in Charlotte, NC. There are positions online with the State of NC, County of Mecklenburg, City of Charlotte, not to mention many surrounding communities. There are many agencies within each of those entities that have specialties and their own websites. [For example; a person who wants to cook can look at the state ran sites for agencies that have cooking positions, corporate and institutional; Likewise, in the county with schools and law enforcement which all have their own websites and have their own HR departments; Likewise, there are educational sites that also have need of cooks; Also there are hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, day cares, churches, all that have demand for cooks. Many of these agencies do not list their job openings on outside websites and require you to go to their individual sites. NGO’s or Non-Governmental Organizations are growing and have funding for purposes that have influence in our world. An example of an NGO would be like the United Nations. Many of these organizations have careers and job openings.

Likewise there are civic organizations and charities that have many opportunities and offer excellent ways to get experience that is transferrable to your skill sets. The cost is merely doing a good thing for a good cause and getting the benefit of experience at the same timeer…

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